He has risen!


Mary of Magdalene exclaimed, “He is alive! He lives!” as she ran to the apostles from the tomb after the risen Christ appeared to her. I could only imagine the great joy and overwhelming relief that filled her heart when the Angel delivered the greatest news for all of mankind.

What does Easter mean to you? For believers in Christ, it is the unprecedented victory over death, sin, and sickness. We have all received salvation because of the great sacrifice made on that dark night. After dying for your sins on the cross, Christ rose on the third day taking back from the devil not only his life, but yours as well. Satan might have had a weekend celebration but it was cut short the the KING of KINGS took back what rightfully belonged to you, and that is eternity with our Lord.

Dear friend, I wish that you let the joy of his resurrection fill your heart. Make Jesus your priority! Surrender your life to Him, turn away from sin, and let His kingdom forever be in your life. I bless each and every friend, partner, and reader in the name of Jesus Christ and I call upon the Blood of Jesus to protect you and wash away all your sins.

Rejoice for He has risen! He is alive!

God Bless You,
Vadim Pekun

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